Dark Power And The Paranormal

The Mystical Elements and Properties of Dark Power

Dark power can be sensed all through nature as a amazing, blissful and uplifting phenomenon normally linked with spiritual experiences, storms, waterfalls, organic open spaces, plants and trees. Buildings and other man-produced objects, pollution and technologies have a tendency to block this power. Fascinating to note that though enclosed places appear to cut down it, open spaces appear to enhance it, but is it possibly the similar issue the controversial German scientist Wilhelm Reich attempted to accumulate in orgone power accumulators? Dark power (prana) is the kinetic power behind all creation which comes out from infinite space as a outcome of its approach of self-awareness. It can be heard in the suitable ear as the “Om” sound or “birthing sound” of creation and as several other inner sounds according to one’s sensitivity.

Dark power could extremely most likely be the similar phenomena recognized all through many cultures and/or religions such as orgone, chi, prana, Prakriti (Divine Mother), the Holy Spirit, and the energy behind the manifestation of believed. It is intriguing to note that this dark power, becoming as universal as it is, could extremely nicely be 1 of the 3 elements of the Trinity, the “Holy Ghost” or the Hindu “Vishnu” as the Sustainer of creation. The other two elements are the “Infinite Father” which would be an infinite non-manifested aspect of creation though the “Son” would be the manifested aspect (offspring) of creation such as all the universes each physical and subtle.

Such power is uplifting! Just as there are gravity waves in the universe there are also antigravity waves that emanate straight from dark power due to the fact dark power is a universal type of antigravity. Yogis who claim to have knowledgeable levitation would most most likely really feel that prana or chi is a type of antigravity. Some masters of yoga are capable to collect so substantially prana or chi power inside themselves that they allegedly start out to “hop” off the ground and in some instances even claim to levitate! This impact and other so known as “miracles” are so uncommon, that mainstream science, of course, has not but accepted any of it nor something I say concerning the connection amongst dark power and spiritual power. Breatharian yogis can use this power to “reside on light” though going on extremely lengthy fasts.

Is Believed a Zero Point Power Fluctuation?

I have a theory as to what the subtle believed “sounds” in one’s head could be. It is hugely probable that they are intelligently guided pulsations or vibrations of this quantum, universally present (absolutely free) power stored in the brain and crown chakra. The human being’s vortices (or vortexes) of power (all the chakras and meridians of the astral physique) naturally collect, concentrate and then shop this spiritual or dark power into a type that can be employed for any goal. If thoughts seriously are a sort of quantum fluctuation (transform in probability) powered by dark power by means of the thoughts, then it should really be doable to detect extremely slight alterations or fluctuations with a sensitive instrument specially made to interpret them and then even listen to and/or record these thoughts!

Can Zero Point Power Be Harnessed to Communicate with the Afterlife?

This power is most most likely the only way doable to communicate with the afterlife! If believed waves are in fact just minute vibrations of quantum power (with antigravity properties) from dark power or Spirit, then it may possibly extremely nicely be doable to generate a spirit phone by a microphone straight attached to a hugely sensitive weighing scale or some device that is capable to interpret intentionally guided fluctuations in the quantum field or white noise.

Can Zero Point Power Be Heard?

According to The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe this dark power can be picked up as a “fuzzy” sound (or white background noise) when FM radios are tuned amongst stations or when the volume on one’s compact disk and/or cassette player is turned up all the way amongst songs. A lot more interestingly, when it is seriously quiet, 1 can also hear this sound (or white noise) in many frequencies inside the inner ear. These are the sounds of the chakras, the Om, and of the inner voice. These who are sensitive can do an intriguing comparison of how the brain interprets these inner sounds verses how electronic amplifiers choose it up as a rushing white noise. One particular can ponder how eons of evolution has been impacted or influenced by this power and how quantum physics may possibly extremely nicely be the principal force behind the potential for evolutionary transform and improvement each spiritual and physical.

Can Zero Point Power Be Observed and Can it Nourish One’s Soul?

Spirits see by the “light” of this dark power which is no longer “dark” to them but is perceived as a universal, extremely loving and refreshing radiance that illuminates every thing in the universe such as each physical and astral matter based on what vibration of matter they are tuned into. What ever lives on the astral planes are dependent on this dark power for vitality, light, sustenance and nourishment. It is the purpose spirits do not necessarily have to consume (astral meals) or at least only at initially just following passing more than till they recognize that this power can and does sustain and rejuvenate them in all techniques indefinitely. Even astral meals includes a type of this power that nature in the astral worlds has stored in the type of astral meals, drinks, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Could Dark Power Be Associated to Paranormal Phenomena?

Dark power is the force by which poltergeists move objects and trigger other disturbances. At the time of Thomas Edison’s death, all his clocks stopped. This was a deliberate, conscious try by his spirit to attempt to prove survival of his soul to other folks. Souls can often move or manipulate physical objects, particularly delicate ones such as clocks by utilizing a believed-directed energy with dark power as its supply. The charming and delightful Scottish spirit, Dorcas was after an earthbound Scottish poltergeist more than two-hundred years ago in Dundee, Scotland and claimed in 1964 throughout a Leslie Flint seance that she nonetheless can below the suitable circumstances move physical objects as lengthy as the power of a young individual is present. This should imply that a young individual can channel substantially far more prana or dark power that can be employed by a ghost than a significantly less important, older individual. Remembering that dark power is an expansive, anti-gravitational force assists to clarify how some ghosts or spirits are capable to make objects float or move by means of the air. I am rather confident that dark power plays a massive function in delivering the energy that creates the ectoplasm that amplifies believed into sound so that spirits like Dorcas can “come by means of.”

In Conclusion: Dark Power is One particular of 3 Elements of Existence

Dark power, a term coined by astronomers to label that “mysterious” power that 70% the universe consists of, is no far more mysterious than the Casimir impact. Nonetheless, 100% of all matter and light in the universe can not even start to exist without the need of the universal, zero-point or quantum (5-dimensional) field from which all dark power and all other types of power and matter emanate. All baryonic (physical) matter, dark (astral) matter, and electromagnetic radiation in the universe is 1 and the similar as zero-point power, due to the fact electromagnetic radiation consists of 5-dimensional fluctuations in the zero-point power field, and all matter is produced of hugely concentrated electromagnetic radiation. In other words, the whole universe and all life inside it is 1 and the similar as the quantum field of 5 and greater dimensions. The multi-dimensional geometry of the vacuum (or universal oneness) is the key trigger, substance, and sustainer of all matter.

The phenomenon of zero-point power may possibly be the 1 and similar impact as the “Light of God,” which, of course is not at all a “dark power” to these who are totally spiritually conscious. Dark power is just as true, familiar, and ubiquitous to enlightened mystics as is water to fish at the bottom of an ocean. Yogis like to say that this universal (zero point) power is aspect and parcel of a Trinity of creation consisting of (1) the “Divine Mother” (Holy Spirit) or prime mover of and key power of all creation (two) “God the Father” or universal blueprint (believed and universal consciousness) behind all creation and (three) the “Son” or the “Manifested Planet” or “Offspring” of the “Infinite Father” and “Divine Mother” (Holy Spirit). Sri Ramakrisha, a excellent mystic yogi introduced to the West by Swami Vivekananda after stated that the globe is the emanation of God.

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