The Bon Bibi Legend Of The Sundarbans


The Sundarbans come about to generally be a region of enormous options. It is correct that each one forests share a style of secret that even human curiosity at times feels is better for being still left by yourself. The primary difference with Sundarbans is the fact that, it leaves no choice for human beings. Dark and glowing simultaneously, this mangrove forest is unfold over the delta of mighty Ganges in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. Currently being the land of tides, this location is full of agricultural prospects but ironically, tough for human habitation. But problems notwithstanding, the instinct for survival is so robust that below, There was a merging of boundaries.

It is actually believed, which the Royal Bengal Tigers of the location are quite possibly the most ferocious and the most clever among the brethren though they are comparatively smaller in size. Adapting by means of hundreds of years on the climatic issues with the Sundarbans, they’ve got mastered every single artwork while in the trade. Shredding all euphemisms, The straightforward simple fact is always that, Sundarban tigers are guy-eaters by necessity. And it really is necessity once more that drives individuals to invade the territory from the wild.

The Bon Bibi (lady of the forest) legend takes advantage of the strength of folklore to draw a connection between human beings and the world of mother nature and It is additionally a pertinent comment on the necessity to suppress greed. The Tale serves like a melting pot for different cultures but is not pretty renowned outdoors the Sundarbans. Nearby theatre companies, or ‘jatra-dol’-s as They are really identified as in Bengali, journey from village to village enacting the story, many of the 12 months round and particularly over the worship of Bon Bibi.

Though all the rituals of worship are Hindu in variety they constantly begin with the Muslim invocation ‘Bismillah’. Also, the Bon Bibi and her brother Shah Jongoli (Jongol means ‘forest’ in Bengali) do not need origins in Bengal, nor even in Hindu mythology. They may be born towards the Sufi faqir Ibrahim during the Arabian metropolis of Medina, the holiest of cities in Islam. Archangel Gabriel established them within the divine mission of constructing the land of tides in shape for human habitation. Bon Bibi, nevertheless, is often identified dressed like a standard rural Bengal housewife. This little bit of discrepancy is perhaps accounted for by The reality that a sizable inhabitants On this area is dalit Muslims. So a link is immediately recognized transcending the worship of Bon Bibi more than spiritual barriers to a standard plane.

Until eventually the arrival from the Goddess, the jungles are dominated by demon king Dokhin Rai, who is always hungry for human flesh. Bon Bibi overcomes him and also a truce is lastly struck as boundaries are strictly described inside the jungle. The human settlement turned the territory of Bon Bibi and Dokhin Rai, who at most occasions appeared during the semblance of a tiger, withdrew to rule about the wilderness. This balance is disrupted for a greedy fleet owner named Dhona who crosses in excess of to Dokhin Rai’s territory in search of forest treasures. The demon manages to ensnare the human troop while in the forest. In order to be introduced, Dhona agrees to provide a bad boy named Dukhey, who was the final to hitch his troop, as ransom towards the demon king.

For that reason, Dhona departs along with his fleet handling to go away Dukhey at the rear of to be devoured by Dokhin Rai. Just as the Demon was going to pounce to the poor boy inside the guise of the tiger, Dukhey remembers his mom’s advice to get in touch with on Bon Bibi in periods of have to have and appeals towards the deity to deliver him from his ordeal. Bon Bibi seems just as if in a flash and drives the demon in to the forest soon after offering him a lesson to recall. Later, she restored Dukhey his well being and sent him back again to his mom.

The legend thus provides back Nature to its regular training course, reinstating buy and harmony. On A further level it is a story of reinstating faith. Inside the Sundarbans, till date, no native will enter the jungle with no trying to find the blessings of Bon Bibi. The existence of your tiger, alias Dokhin Rai is so palpable which the term ‘tiger’ alone is a taboo among forest individuals. The concern is this sort of that in case of a man currently being killed with the tiger, it is mostly approved, devoid of question, that he himself was at fault for acquiring his greed acquire about his superior senses.

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